Comprehensive UX/UI Design Case Study Notion Template for Designers

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UX/UI Design Case Study Notion Template

Enhance your UX/UI design case studies with our fully customizable Notion template. This comprehensive template includes all the essential sections to streamline and organize your projects:

  1. Projects Overview: Provide a brief description of your project, its scope, and objectives.
  2. My Roles: Outline your specific responsibilities and contributions to the project.
  3. Design Process: Detail the methodologies and approaches used throughout the project.
  4. Timeline: Break down key milestones and deliverables chronologically.
  5. Problems & Goals: Identify primary challenges and set clear goals to overcome them.
  6. Interview/Survey Questions: Compile the questions used to gather valuable user insights.
  7. Empathy Map: Visually represent user attitudes and behaviors.
  8. Affinity Map: Organize and cluster qualitative research data effectively.
  9. User Persona: Create detailed profiles of your target users based on research findings.
  10. User Story: Describe user interactions with the product through narrative descriptions.
  11. Competitive Analysis: Evaluate competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  12. Information Architecture: Structure and organize information within the product.
  13. User Flow: Illustrate the paths users take to achieve their goals with diagrams.
  14. User Journey Map: Visualize the user experience over time.
  15. Design System: Develop comprehensive guidelines for color palettes, typography, and iconography.
  16. Visual (UI) Design: Showcase mockups and final designs of the user interface.
  17. Wrap-Up: Summarize project outcomes, lessons learned, and future recommendations.

Optimize your UX/UI case studies and impress stakeholders with our user-friendly Notion template. Perfect for UX/UI designers, product designers, and digital creators, this template will help you present your work professionally and efficiently.


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You will get fully customizable Notion template that consists of sections remembered in description on the left.

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Overview, My role, Design Process, Timeline, Problems & Goals, Survey Questions, Empathy Map, Affinity Map, User Persona, User story, Competitive Analysis, IA, User Flow, UJM, Design System, UIs, Wrap Up
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Comprehensive UX/UI Design Case Study Notion Template for Designers

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